Modifying the printed result report in Storyline 360

Dec 22, 2016

I was wondering if there is an easy way to modify the quiz printed result report in Storyline 360?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Amr!

Yes, you can Modify the Report.html file, but you'll need HTML coding skills to use this technique. You'll notice that article is for Storyline 2, but the same goes for Storyline 360. Also, be aware that Articulate doesn't provide support for modifying published output in this manner.  

Hopefully some of your fellow community members who have experience with this can chime in and assist!

Amr Soliman

Thanks Alyssa.  I think it will be great if this feature is added in future updates . 

The quiz I am doing is a pre-assesment to determine which course students should take depeding on the score. As per the client's request, students should be able to print the quiz report that lists the recommended course. I was able to do that easily in the results slide using layers and condition statements. However, the report states pass/fail and the only way to modify it is using coding.

I hope that someone who had the same issue would share their experience/advice.

Thanks once again.

Opschudders .

Hi Alyssa, I want to edit the print results in Storyline 360. Usually (when using Storyline 2) I edit the report.html file in the the story_content folder. I save the report.html file, zip the content and upload in to the LMS. This works fine.

But when I do the same in my 360 published output, it doesn't seem te work. Clicking on the "print button" in the course shows me the default print report, not the edited one...

Do you know what goes wrong?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sanne,

Yes, you are correct. Any changes you make to the report.html do not appear in the print feature when using HTML5. It sounds like you would like a native customizable and printable results feature that works in both Flash and HTML5 - that's an idea I'm sure many users would benefit from. Can you please share your perspective with our product development team? Thanks for being a part of the community!

John Pieterse

Hi Alyssa,

You have me worried as I noticed the same issue as Sanne. We need to change over to html5 only for our clients as Flash is blocked and phased out. In all our SL2 project we customized the report file to suit our clients certification wishes. If it is true what you are saying that there is no way to adjust this and the only option is to print the default report (with all the questions and answers). This is a major set back then as a lot of us have been hoping for a long time that Articulate would address the report/certificate issue.

I hope Articulate realizes in what sport we then will be. Flash phased out and no customization option for a report file. I sincerely hope that I am wrong as this would have a big impact to our (and others) business and we would be forced to look for an alternative. Keeping my fingers crossed :-)

Crystal Horn

Hey there, John.  Thanks for so eloquently sharing your concerns.  Sounds like you're on board with Sanne in terms of having a natively customizable results/certificate page to print.  If you haven't already, could you please send a feature request to our team?  Having many voices and perspectives helps us better prioritize your great ideas!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there John,

I appreciate you sharing your perspective, and I hear your concern. I did want to mention that Print Results was not supported in HTML5 in Storyline 2, and though that feature is now supported in Storyline 360, modifying the reports.html file in the published output will successfully customize the printed results only for the Flash output. I understand that this puts you in a tough spot when you are using HTML5 only and you don't have the ability to make edits to the report file. 

What are your thoughts on a native customizable certificate feature that works in both Flash and HTML5, like Sanne's idea? Would something like that suit your needs?  Would you be able to tell us more about what you'd like to see in a Feature Request? The beauty of Articulate 360 is that we're able to roll out updates pretty frequently; for example we rolled out update 3 today. We take your feature requests seriously, as they give us an idea of what our users want to see in future updates!

John Pieterse

Hi Crystal, thanks for reaching out but making a feature request is not an option. I know that this forum have been struggling with certificates for long and a lot have had to find a way to customize. And now the option of changing the script of the report file is no longer allowed when publishing for html5 only (which is the only sensible way to go now). We cannot wait as we have to deliver the content in html5 for our clients as most are blocking/banning Flash and they are now suffering not being able to produce a customized certificate. I was considering changing to SL360 for reasons of being able to publish html5 only (despite the questioned pricing model). I have been a real fan of Articulate for years but we are now on trial at Lectora as this gives us the feature we need. I hope you can understand as we are suffering bad and are getting roasted by our clients we need a solution.

PS. The problem with SL2 when published as Flash and html5 is that searching for Flash is the first option and there starts the blocking by browsers, virusscannet ets of our clients. It doesn't reach the stage where html5 is started up. Strangely enough I noticed that in SL360 one can choose between Flash/html5 or the other way around. So it must have been noticed.

Sorry, we ran out of tricks to customize a certificate.........

John Pieterse

Sorry Alyssa, I was just replying to Crystal and then saw your reply coming in. A native customizable certificate supported for html5 would be the way to go. I would really like to stay with Articulate but time is running out. Don't take it as an offense but when you look at the customization options for certificates in Lectora you will be impressed. Must test them first though. Our clients test their workers and want proof that they passed the test eg certificate. It is as simple as that. Sorry for being a bit of a nuisance......

Crystal Horn

Hey, John. I completely get where you’re coming from. You, and ultimately your clients, know best what tools you need at the ready. You’re right-- part of the redesign of our publishing options was in response to customer demand for HTML5-first or -only publishing, so we were thrilled to meet that need with Articulate 360.

Thanks again for taking the time to share, and we’ll make sure that your sentiments are included on our end.

John Pieterse

Hi Crystal, Alyssa,

Coming back on the lack of being able to modify the report file in SL360/html5 I came up with this thread of Tracy Carroll. And although it is based on Javascript it works perfect with html5 and is easy to customize. I already thanked Tracy, being a real lifesaver. Perhaps others can benefit of my experience and knowing that members are doing these efforts to make printing certificates possible, I would seriously consider to add this as an option for SL360

In any case, I can stick to Articulate (which may not be appreciated by everyone :-))


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

We're happy to still  have you here and continue to appreciate you sharing your candid feedback and ideas. We'll keep passing them along to our Product team and as Crystal and Alyssa mentioned above it's always good to share those here in the forums and as an official feature request to our Product team. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Jeanette!

Are you testing the published output locally? That could be why it's not working as expected, as testing it locally can cause security and browser restrictions to not display the items like that. You'll want to look at uploading it to the intended environment to properly test. If you published for LMS, try testing in SCORM Cloud

Crystal Horn

Hey Jeannette.  Alyssa is on target about testing in intended environments.  One thing I wanted to add is that we have found that Print Results is generating a blank report (except for the header and footer) in the HTML5 output of Internet Explorer 11.  Can you confirm if your environment matches, and we'll update our report to include you as well?

Thanks for reaching out.

Alyssa Gomez

Ahh, that explains it. We are aware of an issue where the print results trigger generates a blank report when the content is viewed on Internet Explorer 11. This issue is in the hands of our Quality Assurance team, and I'll be sure to add your experience to the report. Unfortunately I don't have a timeframe for a solution, but I'll be sure to share updates here in this thread once more information is available. You'll receive a notification because you're now subscribed to this post. :)