Editing Audio Screencasts and Software Simulations

Oct 02, 2016

Hi, once I record a screencast video/software simulation in Articulate Storyline 2, how do I isolate the audio so I can edit it, if I was recording my voice while recording the screen? Also, why can't I hear the audio that i've recorded when I switch to software simulation mode? thanks!

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Anna

I use Articulate Replay to do my screen recordings and audio.  This is a simple little program, that I got free with my Storyline 2 license, which I like using for audio as:

- you can insert audio and video files separately, and then layer on the timeline;

- edit audio from in the program; and

- then publish as an MP4 to import into Storyline 2 project if needed. 

Dave Cox

I use Adobe Audition to process my audio. That is only a good option though if you have Adobe Creative Cloud. If not, another very good resource is Audacity. It is a very good free audio editing tool. That is always my alternate go to if I don't have access to Audition. To do MP4 with Audacity, you will need the lame.dll, which you can find on the internet. But if you are using wav files, you can use it as it comes.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anna.  Here's a suggestion from Bjorn, though he talks about Replay.  You should be able to export your screen recording to .mp4 format (skip Replay), and perhaps use editing software to rip the audio.

In simulation mode, you're seeing more of a screenshot of each important action during your recording, each of which you can fine tune.

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