Editing audio that is part of a screencast recorded in SL

May 21, 2012

Hi. Is it possible to edit an existing audio track (or record over an existing recording -- just the audio portion) for a screencast that was created using Storyline? And if so, how might I do it?



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David Burton


If you record your screen with audio and insert as a 'Video on a single slide', the audio is embedded into the video file and cannot be altered. If you insert the Video as 'Step-by-step slides', the audio is dropped from the video; this way you can import or rerecord your own audio to play over top of the inserted video. Please note, this method will not provide a visual queue for syncing your audio with your video. 

I hope this helps!

Adena Wilson

Hi David,

Thank you, that does help. A follow up question: if I insert as "step-by-step", import or record audio over the video, can I then insert it into the presentation as "video on a single slide"? I should probably just play around with it, but thought I'd ask.

Again, thank you very much for the quick reply.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Maribeth,

TX for the question, which meant of course that I had to try both methods (since I'm relatively new to SL and don't always pay attention to all the details when I initially do things). And it looks to me...but someone should confirm...like it just gets completely dropped, as in not available.

For the "on a single slide" option, the timeline shows an icon of a "slide wheel" and as @David has said, there's no way to edit it.

For the "step by step", there is nothing on the timeline, nor do I see anything saved in the folder where I saved the file.

Finally, when I've recorded audio separately (with Audacity), which is 99% of the time the way I do things, and import it, there's a wave file on the timeline that I can DC to edit.

David Burton


Screen recorded video inserted as:

Video on single slide :: the audio is embedded into the .mp4 file produced but isn't accessible separate from the .mp4.

Step-by-step slide :: the audio is still embedded into the .mp4 but isn't used or accessible.

If you publish a one slide story with your video inserted on a single slide, you could use a third party app to extract the audio from the .mp4 in the published story_content folder.

I hope this answers your question.

Kelly King

i would love to have an option to edit Frame by frame in the step by step option. I need to change the name of something on a screencast and it appears there is no way to do it other than just delete the screencast from the slide, paste a pic of the new name over it and have "assumed motion" to the next slide. If there was a video editing option added to  the Action Fine tuning, that would solve my problem. right now its just flowing badly. If i am missing something and there is a way to do this, please let me know.

David Burton


Regardless of using step-by-step or inserting as a video on a single side, the screen capture or backgrounds used are a snapshot or image and cannot be modified without exporting to another image editor and then re-importing back into Storyline. In some situations, you can simply add a new text box or shape over top the slide background to use in place of the element that needs to be changed. You could also create a new screencast and export a single frame by right-clicking the frame from the Action Fine Tuning and selecting Export frame (project size) or Export frame (original size). Once exported, this can be used in place of an existing question type or slide background by editing the question that was auto created (usually a Hot Spot) or by using the Insert->Picture option.

I hope this helps!

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