Not able to insert the existing Replay Screencast into Storyline 360 as Step-by-Step


I'm trying to insert the previously recorded Replay screencast into Storyline 360 as described here: "To insert an existing screencast you previously recorded, go to the Slides tab on the ribbon, click the Record Screen drop-down arrow, and choose a screencast. Then select the option to insert it as Step-by-step slides."

However, my Record Screen does not have the option to choose screencast. Only this options are available:Record Screen

Please advise. I'm pretty new to the 360 products.

Thank you.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Inna!  Welcome to 360 - we're happy to have you.

You can insert a Storyline screen recording as a step-by-step series of slides.  Storyline's screen recording tool gives you the ability to create software simulations by breaking down each of your recorded actions into step-by-step slides.

Replay, however, does a great job creating engaging training videos that can capture your screen, webcam, narration and images.  When you publish a Replay project, you'll get an .mp4 that can be inserted into our other authoring tools as a video file.

So for step-by-step demonstrations, use the Storyline screen recording tool.  As you found, you'll easily be able to use that screen recording over and over again in the same project.