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Sep 22, 2012


We are having an issue....we have created a quiz with three different skill levels - if the student gets an 11th grade question wrong, they are branched to vocabulary question. If that is answered wrong they are branched to a 8th grade question. We need to keep track of the results of the three different question levels. Our lms only reports one grade, so we are creating one result slide merging the three other result slides. We want to email all result slides to us - the "teacher" - but the student and lms only see the combined result. We get a blank email when emailing the result slide to the "teacher".

We need help fast...this is a major contract with a deadline looming...



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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Karen.

Regarding the emailing of results from Articulate Storyline, I am going to borrow from Jeanette's post in this forum thread:

We want every feature in our software to work well. And, unfortunately, with modern browser security restrictions, there’s no way to email results easily, accurately, and consistently from a course, because we can't predict every configuration that learners might have for their email client. For example, if you use Gmail or your computer’s security settings are high, you can’t email results. Also, you run the risk of learners tampering with results since they can access the email before it’s sent. Given these limitations, we decided not to include the email results feature in Storyline. If tracking and reporting results is a feature you need, we recommend using Articulate Online or a SCORM- or AICC-compliant LMS.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

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