Editing Screen Caps as Images

I searched but found no input on this issue.

In the imperfect world I inhabit, I regularly have to edit screen caps to either manually change text or to redact text with a blur, using PhotoShop. That other tool supports this.

I don't think there is any way to practically do this in Articulate.

I did note that the screen caps seem to be stored a JPGs in the published story_content folder. Editing those JPGs has no effect on the playback, suggesting that the JPGs are embedded in the SWFs? If so, why are the JPGs in the story_content folder? Not sure what purpose they serve. Even if they could be edited, not too practical to go in there after the fact.

I realize I could insert objects to hide parts of the screen but that's more stuff to manage on the timeline. Am I missing an easier way? It's tedious and cumbersome at best but today I am able to limp by copying and pasting/merging.

I have submitted a feature request for direct editing of the screen cap graphic.


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