Editing Videos (Deleting Frames) in Storyline

Apr 30, 2013

I made a screen recording in a Storyline scene. I know that Storyline lets you trim frames off the beginning and ending of the recording, and it lets you update the start and end frames through Action Fine Tuning. However, I need to edit the video by cutting out some of the wait time in the middle of it by deleting those frames. Is there a way to do this in Storyline? If not, can you import an edited video that was created in another video production program, like Camtasia, into Storyline to be used as step-by-step slides?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Mike,

There's no currently no built-in feature that allows you to edit out middle parts of a screen recording, only to trim the ends.

You may want to check out some of the creative workarounds in this Forum Thread, and you can also submit this idea as a Feature Request!

As far as importing Camtasia videos, I've seen a lot of community members do this, but I haven't personally used the software. 

From what I understand, you should be able to publish your Camtasia project as an MP4, and save it to your hard drive. Then in Storyline, go Insert > Video > From File. Browse your hard drive and locate your saved MP4 file. Unless you have some flash based interactive elements built into your Camtasia project that users need to interact with, in which case you'd want to host the camtasia files and then import the link to the play file as a Web Object.

Hopefully some community members experienced with that software can confirm whether or not this has worked for them.

Good luck with the project, Mike!


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