Eisenhower's Urgent/Important Principle

Nov 19, 2018

Hi There! I'm currently trying to develop an activity that allows users to:

  1. Type out their tasks onto "post-its"
  2. Drag those post-its into 1 of 4 quadrants (Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, or Not Important and Not Urgent) and hit submit.


  3. Based on where the user places the post-it, the activity will create an output of the post-its/text in a list form based on order of importance. 
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Michael Hinze

The Task "notes" could be drag objects, consisting of textentry boxes (or textentry boxes grouped with a rectangular shape as background). The four quadrants can be transparent drop targets, that are set to tile and objects dropped on them. As each task note is dropped, a variable is populated with the "value" of the drop object's text entry box. These variables can then be displayed, e.g. on the next slide. 

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