Elapsed time in SL

May 12, 2012


I remember I saw this feature in Presenter player to show the elapsed time and remaining time in the slides.

I don't know how to enable it in SL. I can't find it under the player properties.

Please let me know as this feature is critical for our project.

Thanks for your help.


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Leah Hemeon

I'm interested in this too Zola. We haven't been using audio very much lately but I'm looking at a new project where it's more like an interactive video rather than a self-paced eLearning course like I usually do.

I don't see options for displaying total time or elapsed time in the player but I do know that Storyline can automatically calculate the project's duration and include that in the project properties on publish. 

I'm wondering if we could use some Javascript to reference the duration and display that using a trigger and a variable on the Player?

Anyone else have some thoughts? I don't know Java so I may be completely crazy thinking this is a possibility - OR - since I haven't had to do this yet, I might be just missing something REALLY obvious!

Brian Batt

Hi Zola,

Please see the following link:


The duration of a specific slide or the entire course can vary depending upon the amount of interactivity, layers, complex branching scenarios, and more that are present.  Thus, it's very difficult to calculate it.  

If you've like to see that feature added to a future release, please submit a feature request to us by using the link below:


Phil Mayor

it is possible in javascript to save the started time to a variable and then increment a numerical variable.  You would of course have to build in some time logic (as storyline variables do not understand time).

Just thinking out loud here, but it may be easier to save the start time to a variable and each time you switch slides take the strat time from the current time, it wouldnt be a ticking clock but would let you know how long you have been on the course and it would be relatively easy in javascript

Bruce Graham


There is the options to have controls/timer on a video, but we could not (easily) say at what (linear) temporal point the video ITSELF occurred in the course - because it might be on on the 4th (optional) layer of slide 26 - which you might not have got to if you chose another path throught the course to get there.


Shane Robinson

Having an elapsed time counter ensures that our web-based training can be marketed as fulfilling certification requirements for #s of hours toward credit. We really need this. It is just a matter of a timer that runs independent of the actions taken in the course, during the whole time the browser window is open for the course. Surely this is not a difficult option to provide?

The utlity and importance of this feature has been overlooked by Articulate and should be remedied in an update, in my opinion.

Tom Dorsey

Phil Mayor said:

orry I dont have access to the files at the moment, I had a hard drive die on me and the files are archived somewhere

i may have found it here.  http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/17107.aspx

Does anyone know if its possible to move the timer to a different location?  either on a sidebar or top?


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