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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jesse! Unfortunately right now there isn't a turn-key way to insert an em dash into Storyline text. But here is a workaround you could try:  Insert 2 or 3 blank spaces in your text, select the blank spaces you inserted, and apply the "strikethrough" formatting: 

I'd also encourage you to submit a feature request for this or other text functionality you'd like to see in Storyline... our dev team reads every single feature request submitted, and the more voices the better. Thanks!

Jeanette Brooks

Ah, right, Alexander! That's a good suggestion. Unfortunately the em dash character in the character maqp doesn't seem to be recognized in Storyline, although I did notice that there's a similar symbol called "horizontal bar" which works okay for some system fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman... it doesn't work well for most other fonts though.

Alexander Covan

Well who needs proper punctuation like em dashes and en dashes anyway?

Are there similar issues with foreign language character sets, for example accented characters and Spanish punctuation?

Working at a multinational and have no time for "workarounds" for basic typesetting... even if the package has very nice features.

Everything we do gets translated into Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean... need to use solutions that copy and paste characters accurately using the full font set.

Right now we're holding off Storyline because of these basic issues and the limited animation (no motion paths is a big one).

Jill Freeman

hmmm, OK, I will submit a case. It could be that you have a True Type version of the font and I do not. This is what I see, and sometimes it is worse. Note the space between the v and i in "Activity", and also how close the i and r appear in both "Confirm" and "Redirect. "

Thanks, Jeannette.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jill - I see what you mean; thanks for submitting the issue to Support; it will help to log the issue so that the QA folks can isolate what might be going on. This doesn't happen with all OTFs; it's odd that Century Gothic OTF has some slight oddities. For now I'd recommend using the ttf version of the font for the best quality.

Susan Jones

Actually if you go into the INSERT tab and click SYMBOL - you can choose a font that has an "em" dash in their library - like Tahoma, and then on the menu on the side, under general punctuation you will get three dashes, it is actually the THIRD one that is the em dash, even though the second one appears to be longer.

megan jonas

Guys, I am noticing that when I copy over an EM dash from Word, Storyline converts it into a hyphen.

BUT when I paste that text from Word into Notepad first, and then into Storyline, it remains a nice long EM dash.

So, I wonder if this is some kind of smart character in Word causing an issue in Storyline. 

PS, I am using Storyline 2. No action required, just sharing my thoughts on the topic.