Embed PDF with internal reference to Published folder?


I've done this before but can't remember if it was Captivate not Storyline....

Is there a way to create a URL reference to a PDF w/in the published course file structure so you can paste the PDF into the published folder (after the course is published) such that the link to that PDF will work in the published course?



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Walt Hamilton

There is an easier way. Store the pdf on your local hard drive, use the jump to trigger, and navigate to the pdf . When you publish, SL will automatically package the pdf into the published folder.

That's the only to get the links and ID of the file set up. Then if you want, you can replace the pdf, as long as you keep the same name.

Corina Madewell

I'm not following Walt's "jump to trigger"...  I only see Jump to slide, jump to scene, jump to time/cue point.

I do see the trigger to Open URL/file, but how would the learner get back to the course to continue to the next slide?

When I use that, for the next button trigger, it breaks the link in Scene view.

What I found to work around, is to insert a blank slide then insert a web object, point it to the pdf file that was posted to our intranet site.  Then they stay in the course, click next when they are ready and continue on...