Embed the Player in a Stretchy Frame

Sep 01, 2015

Hi everyone,

Our site's web-designer has a stretchy frame in which we intended to embed the player. It is less crucial that the player stretch to match the frame's height, but we would like the player to match the frame's width.  I'm not too web savy, I'm getting confused with the variables, and continuously sending tweaked formats is unsustainable. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

I know that I can change the story size, and that has worked well.  I'm thinking that this has more to do with the Player>Other>Browser Settings.  Since I don't get to play with the site code, I don't know what I should be tweaking in my browser settings.  I also get that we might be aiming at something that doesn't exist.  Do I have to build the course at multiple sizes, and let the web-designer figure out how to trigger which one plays depending on the user's browser size?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pierre,

I can't assist if you're looking to modify the code of the Storyline player post publish - but if you're just dealing with the overall player/browser settings I'd look at setting the player to scale to fill the browser window. Presuming they're setting a particular frame where the content will display it should fill that.  You may also want to review the article here on how to embed your content in a web page. 

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