Embedded videos do not play in Safari on the mac

Hey Heros,

I have problems using the "Flash-Output" offline on a Mac in Safari-Browser. Using the same E-Learning Content online, everything is fine, but offline the videos won't play in Safari. It also runs in other browsers like firefox or chrome (off- and online). An also the HTML5 output works in safari. But that can't make me happy. 

I think, it has some security reasons. So, do you know, if I can change the security settings in Safari to allow Safari to load the videos - even offline?

Or do you know, if there are any plug-ins or add-ons, that might be a solution to my problem?

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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Boris,

As per my knowledge safari browser is not compatible with flash that's why its not playing your flash output offline on Safari-Browser. Safari browser is strongly compatible with HTML5.

If you still wish to play your flash-output on Safari Browser you have to try VMware. perhaps it'll work for you.

Emily Ruby

Hello Boris!

The Flash courses are supported for viewing on Safari on a Mac, just not on Mobile Safari (iPad, iPhone, - these need HTML5)

If you find that viewing a published Articulate Storyline course on your local computer on a MAC doesn't work as expected, this is due to local security restrictions in your computer, Flash Player, and web browser. It's best to upload the published output to a web server or LMS for proper testing. However, if you need to view it locally on a Mac, add the folder where the course is located to your local Flash Player Security Settings.

Boris Wesemann

Deart Emily,

Thank you for your reply!

I was researching the last days and found out the same. But with adding the folder where the course was located in flash security settings it only worked for Safari 6.X on Mac. For Safari 7.X it doesn't work the same in first try, because of sandbox security settings.

I need to set that Safari runs flash content in unsave mode, like this:


I like the way you suggested more. If it also works in current Safari version for you, please let me know. 

Jared K

I keep running into this limitation in the real world. Local deployment of web content is an easy, lightweight, and broadly-compatible solution for deploying courses. The downside is that no one develops to that need. I don't get it. Five years ago I was able to accomplish this with just vanilla web tech. Support for key HTML5 features were fairly manageable even in IE9. Sure, it wasn't valid, but it worked wonderfully even then.

I need to deploy browser-based tutorials on USB sticks (local filesystem) for a large-scale product launch. The product breaking on OS X Safari makes this impossible and I'll need to come up with another solution now. The product must be included in the box, I don't have access to end-user machines. I urge Articulate to keep this scenario in mind for future development.

My best option now seems to be to resurrect one of my old frameworks where I can have HTML media element support, all the interactivity I require, and it will play on ANY browser from the last five years, without any Flash.