Embedding a published course (imsmanifest.xml) within a Storyline file

Aug 01, 2017


i've been passed some published files for a course from another part of our business (using a separate LMS).  The issue with the published files is that the course doesn't contain an assessment.  With our LMS (SAP LSO) we need to use Storyline's Results slide which will trigger the completion status back to SAP.  We can't apply a completion according to the number of slides used, only using a Results page.  Where there's no assessment, what i do is take a T/F question and use that as a confirmation for the user. So when they tick to say they've read the course, the radio button triggers to the Results slide which triggers completion to our LMS.

What I'd like to do is embed the published course within my Story file.  Ideally the learner would go to page two of the Story file where they click a marker to launch the embedded course.  The learner undertakes the course and once they click on Exit at the end, they are routed back to a Results page in the Story file.

Do you think this is possible?  Trying to avoid having to rebuild it.

My scripting skills are lacking.

I hope this makes sense.


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