Embedding a Storyline as a Web Object into another Storyline file

Apr 24, 2013

I need to embed Storyline File B into the another Storyline file A, since B is hosted on the companies SharePoint.

I have created a Web Objects folder and an Index file that links to SWF file for B which is hosted on SharePoint. This is what I then use as the embedded Web Object in A. Please see the attached document to show the steps we use. Although we created it for importing Captivate 6 demos, we thought it should work for another Storyline as well.

However, the when this is tested, the Web Object just keeps loading, and nothing comes up.

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Mike Enders


I was just looking at your document again.  I originally thought you were just pointing to it and the 2nd course was running off of the Sharepoint server.  In other words, you were simply dropping a URL into the web object dialogue.  However, it looks like you're trying to pull the project in when you publish.  So....

In the project you wish to embed....

Change the story.html file name to index.html.   

Insert your web object using the folder option (image below)

Target the folder where the index.html file resides

When you publish, this will pull in all the published files for the project you wish to embed.

Note: You will need to post it to the web.  The embedded project will likely not be viewable on your local machine due to browser restrictions.


PS.  If you are simply running it off your share point server (not pulling in the files), then I suggest posting to the web to test.  That could be the hang up.

Mike Enders

Sorry about that.

I sent you a recording/walk through.  Can you check your output to make sure that it is pulling the files in.  Also, are you posting to a web server to view it?  I'm guessing the files aren't getting pulled in off of the Sharepoint server.  I would recommend testing by putting the sharepoint files on your local machine, and then going through the web object process.


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