Embedding a Video vs. Linking via Web Object

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A quick 'philosophical' question that I haven't seen covered yet.

Is there any benefit to embedding a video directly in an Articulate Storyline file rather than simply embedding a web object (with the video hosted elsewhere)?

It seems to me that linking via a web object significantly reduces file size. I'm wondering what the "up-side" to embedding the video is.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

There are a few.

1) Embedding the video directly is the only way to go when you're packaging for offline view (either for CD/DVD or Articulate Mobile Player).
2) It can be relatively painless to display video chromeless (or at least not as much of a pain).
3) Embedded video can still communicate with Storyline's UI quickly via triggers. Webobject video is a clunky iFrame that can't communicate with the SL Player by default (although you can program it to).
4) Web object video will not preload. That will most likely mess up your timeline if timing is of the essence in your slide.
5) A LOT of LMS's - yes, even the top notch, so-called "enterprise" class ones - have problems displaying iFrame content. Especially when they too use an iFrame to launch the SCO, which essentially makes your Web Objects "iFrames within an iFrame".

There are a lot of other Pros and Cons for each, of course, but these - I believe - are the main Pros of embedding locally.


Walt Hamilton

Linking depends on the user's internet connection and the permanence of the object to be successful. If either of them fails, you have no video.

On the other hand, unless you are dealing with a video that the copyright holder has made available, (for example declaring it public domain, selling it to you, or publishing it under a Creative Commons or Gnu free license), you can't embed it, you have to link to it.