Embedding Storyline into company SharePoint

Jun 07, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I've scoured the forums to find information on embedding a storyline file directly into our SharePoint page, but most of the information is from a while ago.


I've tried the following:

  • Saving the Storyline file into Scorm 1.2 file and renaming the story file extension .aspx and uploading all of the files into our SharePoint site to our Sharepoint. When I used a "Hero Part" on SharePoint the result is seen in the attached file "SharePoint Hero webpart"
  • I've tried adding the copy link from SharePoint and adding that into a standard web part as a link which unfortunately includes in the path "download" which causes chrome to download the file and it does not open. 
  • I've also tried adding to my work based personal onedrive but the end result has been the same outcome. 

I've seen results in my elusive search stating that they have been able to embed a storyline into a work based SharePoint which included:

  • Removing License.txt and preloadintegrity.js
    • Those files are not present in either saved file when using Storyline Publish as a web page or Scorm file when I publish the file to upload the file into SharePoint. 
  • Renaming the story file to .aspx
  • Verifying that my company doesn't have javascript disabled. 


Any guidance from your minds would be extremely helpful. If this process of embedding a playable Articulate Storyline is no longer possible in SharePoint I can certainly try to find another alternative. 


Warm Regards

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