Publishing story to SharePoint

Jun 26, 2020

We have the latest SharePoint at our company. I can no longer upload published project to site assets and link to story file.  I have tried as advised online to link to story.html, story.swf, story_html5.html, etc. These all result in download of the file and not running. I have tried embedding the link in Script Editor and Content Editor web parts. File 404 error or blank screen results.

Anyone know how I can run the project from SharePoint.

We wish to have reviewers access through SharePoint, run the course module and make their notes.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Everett,

It's my understanding that, for the latest SharePoint (e.g., SharePoint Online), you need to change some file extensions (including the story.html) from .html to .aspx. See details in the replies to this post: 

BTW, I also recommend that you publish for HTML5 only. Even having Flash as a backup could cause problems, because some browser settings are already prohibiting it by default.

Tracy Welsby

Hi Judy / Everett

I have been creating the aspx file and uploading to SharePoint which up until recently has worked fine.  However recently when turning off the flash add-in in the IE browser I found that the aspx file no longer worked and required download to work rather than just opening as before.  I only have Storyline 2 and not Storyline 3 so I cannot see any options to publish without having Flash as backup.  Is there anyway i can do this in storyline 2 or is this option only available in 3?  or do you know of another solution?

Any help would be a great assistance.

Many thanks



Judy Nollet

Hi, Tracy,

You need to upgrade to Storyline 3 (or 360) to be able to publish HTML5 only, i.e., without any Flash. You should do that because Flash won't be supported after Dec. 2020, and many browsers already restrict it by default. Plus, HTML5 has evolved a bit since Storyline 2. Storyline 3 & 360 provide a more stable HTML5 experience. 

Tracy Welsby

Hi Judy,
Apologies for not replying sooner. Yes I have taken a look at upgrading. I was looking to upgrade from Storyline 2 to 3 but I can no longer see Storyline 3 - only 360? Im not sure I need all the features in 360. Is 360 the only available product now? To put a business case together for upgrading I have to identify the price for upgrade but I cant find this anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas where to go for upgrade pricing?

Tracy Welsby

Peter Mann

Judy, I'm interjecting here rather than starting a new thread.  I published to Web and wanted to move to sharepoint, which all seems to be working as it should - the window seems to launch (doesn't try to download, so not the aspx problem)  it even seems the correct background color, etc) but there is nothing there - no program.  I've noticed that when i publish, there is no "slides" in the "slides" folder of  the "story content" folder.  Is this normal now? (no slides)?  can you advise how to fix either the export/publish to my hard drive (to get slides) or the move to sharepoint (i'm just dragging the folder and sub folders/files in).  thanks.