Storyline Course published and housed on SharePoint - please help

May 05, 2020

Hey! I'm trying to house my course on my internal SharePoint site. I can't seem to figure out what files I need to upload to the site and then which ones I need to use as a link to get my player to open.

I read many of the other threads but none cover this or suggest hosting on another site. It took me weeks to convince my company to let me host it there instead of in our shared drive (messy).


I would really appreciate any assistance anyone can provide!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Nena,

  • Publish the course for the web.
    • FYI: There's no need to publish it for an LMS if it's only going to be on SharePoint. That would just add extra files that won't/can't be used anyway.
  • Copy ALL of the published folders and files to SharePoint as is. To keep things simple, I suggest you put them all in their own folder on SharePoint.
  • To launch the course, use the story.html file.

Note: The above works for a regular SharePoint site. If you're using SharePoint Online, you need to change the top-level .html files to .aspx (as shown in the image below). Then use the story.aspx file for launching the course.

Nena Erickson Oakes

Thanks Judy,

I opened those two files in notepad and then saved them as aspx. I removed all the files from Sharepoint then reuploaded them. I used story.apsx as the link to open the file and I'm getting a big black screen.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but there has gotta be a way to make this work.

I appreciate any help that anyone can provide!

Toby Hone

Essentially, it's like buildinig a house of cards with bluetack and stickytape. It's just needs one little thing to go wrong and it will break. There may be more things, but this is what I know so far;

IT permissions - you need admin permissions set up so Aspx files are executable.

Check-in all files - all of the Articulate files need to be 'checked-in' in the sharepoint system. It's not enough to upload the.

Edit the aspx/html file - I've read in other posts, that, not only do you need to change the name of the file, but you also need to go in and edit the file. I've tried to do this, but don't have editing permission from my organisations.

The solution for us is to pay money for an LMS that works in Sharepoint/Teams - e.g. LMS365 or Moodle app for Teams.


Nena Erickson Oakes

House of cards! I like that, and after about a week of being handed off to various folks in my help desk, we found if they gave me administrator perms to the site assets folder in SharePoint, I could do the steps above. 

What a nightmare. Why do organizations get so excited to adopt older tech? (rhetorical)

Thank you to everyone who assisted me. Life is good and I"m soaring now.

Allen Wong

Hi Nena,

Thought I'd ask as you might be a stage further than me. I'm doing the same thing and have managed to get it all running like you. But have you come across any issues with video in modules or tried to upload a RISE modules that has a storyline block in it to sharepoint. I'm trying with these now and keep going nowhere.

Nena Erickson Oakes

Hey Allen,


I hope yours resolves better than mine did. I lost a week of time being bounced internally to different tech support groups as they tried to figure it out. 

It's a SharePoint issue. SharePoint does not like the articulate files. I have to change the .html files to .aspx as was mentioned above. But The SharePoint administrator had to so some funky things in the background to give me the perms to put it on a specific spot. I don't know if yours will be the same, but mine finally worked when we put it into the site assets folder.

I'd reach out to your SharePoint folks for help. But essentially Storyline and SharePoint are not neatly compatible.

Things to know before getting too deep into project.


Good luck!

Allen Wong

Thanks Nena. Yeah I'm the same. I upload to our team's sharepoint page and then move it to where it needs to go. If I try to upload anywhere else it just simply downloads. We've set up our own web server for media heavy modules that don't require tracking and if we use sharepoint to host they've got to be simple modules (e.g single page leadership tools). Good luck with yours too.

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