Empty %variables% are suddenly displayed as 'unassigned'

Nov 27, 2023

Using %variables% with text in my latest project, I suddenly see them printed out as unassigned in my captions. Normally they are left blank, and even if I assign them a default value of ' ' - a space, they show up as unassigned.

I have no idea how this happened. It is both in Preview and in the player, published content. 

It started happening overnight. And it really messes with a course because now 'unassigned' appears a lot of places where I'd want to keep them invisible until the variable is set.

I am running Build 3.75.30269.0. Then upgraded. Still there. 

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Soren J Birch

I don't use the variables in any fancy way. Just refer to them in a text box.  No javascript either. Manipulation is done via triggers, and that means loading a new value to override the old values.

I have attached a picture of the list of variables from my project. I sent it for a support case as well, but they're running with extended closing hours, probably due to Halloween.

I am not sure if the project is corrupted somehow, I will try to import the files into a new, fresh project and see if it changes anything. 

Importing the slides into a new, empty project didn't change anything,.