Enable NEXT button after final quiz question answered correctly

I have several short quizzes throughout a module. Right now, when you answer the final question of a quiz correctly, it automatically takes you to the first page of the next scene. That's the right place to go, but I was wondering: Is there a way to have the NEXT button appear after the correct-answer layer has appearered so the user can choose to click to the next scene?

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Shel Holtz

Hi, Chrisstine. Absolutely. Here's one scene that has two icon/buttons on the top-level page. The user must click through both before they can use the NEXT button to proceed to the quiz. I'd like to disable the NEXT button on that top-level page until the user has complied. Thanks!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Shel

see if this works how you want.

I added a trigger to top level to disable next button when timeline starts and then another trigger to change state of next button to normal when timeline starts if 'honesty' = true and 'iconfinished' = true.

Hope this helps

Shel Holtz

I DID miss something, but I was close. Changing the state of the NEXT button to normal WHEN THE TIMELINE STARTS. That's what I missed. I didn't know you could have two triggers for the same button with different actions but the same condition (timeline starting), but now that I see it, it makes total sense. Thank you again!

Wendy Farmer

Yay! Glad you got it sorted. 

You can have multiple triggers on a button you just need to watch trigger order - they will fire in the order you have them.

e.g. if you have the following triggers

  • Jump to slide when user clicks  button x
  • Change state of object y when user clicks button x

means it will jump to the slide first and the second trigger won't fire.

Order would need to be

  • Change state then Jump  to

Here is an article about trigger order that might help



Wendy Farmer

Shel, in the original file you sent me there were only 3 variables - I used IconFinished and Honesty - but in this one you have another variable IP which is what you have used.

Just check the variables that are being triggered on those two slides and then adjust accordingly.