Retry Quiz Button Issues

Apr 28, 2020

Hi all, I have been struggling with the Retry Quiz button. If you skip a quiz question it should take you back to only those questions you skipped right? Well, it's not doing that. It is skipping over skipped questions in some circumstances.

Here are the steps to recreate:

  1. Jump to 2.14 and answer it correctly (Understandable)
  2. Then skip 2.15 and go to 2.16 (using the menu) and answer it correctly (All of the responses)
  3. Then skip to 3.18 and answer correctly (Headings, subheadings, bulleted lists)
  4. Answer 3.19 correctly (False)
  5. Jump to 4.16 and answer correctly (True)
  6. Answer 4.17 correctly (Option C)
  7. Now skip this last question and go to 6.2 and click Next
  8. You should have failed the quiz. Click Retry Quiz.
  9. It jumps to first question we skipped, good. Answer is 7-9.
  10. But after that it skips the second question we skipped (3.17) and jumps to the third question we skipped (4.18). Why does this happen?

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Adam Bowen

Ok, I think I've figured out the answer to why 3.17 is skipped when retrying the quiz. It's because we never "landed on" it to begin with. If you land on 3.17 but then don't answer and skip it. And then click Retry Quiz it will take you back there. But shouldn't it take you to all quiz questions that were skipped regardless of if they were originally "landed on"?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

I'm happy to help! First, thank you so much for sharing such detailed steps!

You're correct, by default Storyline doesn't let you retry a quiz question if you haven't answered it the first time around. To change this, I recommend creating and tracking a variable that determines which slides are visited after the Results Slide.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

Absolutely! I'll actually point you to a very in-depth post from one of our community members who managed to create this! Here are the post and a sample file.

If you're looking for a simpler build using the built-in features, this is what I would suggest:

  • Add a slide in between 6.2 You're on a Journey and 6.3 Results. On this slide add a heading that reads "Are you ready to submit your answers?". You'll also want to add a Yes and No button.
  • Add a trigger to the Yes button to jump to the results slide when the user clicks. 
  • Next, add a trigger to the No button that says jump to slide 2.14 Quiz when the user clicks.

If a user clicks No, then they can view all the questions but only answer questions that haven't been submitted. I've recorded what this would look like in your course.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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