Engage interactions blank when viewing course online

Dec 20, 2022

We are having an issue with Engage interactions showing as blank slides in our LMS.

They were originally in Presenter and we imported all the content from Presenter into Storyline and published the course files to the LMS.

Now, when the course is opened, the slides where there are interactions are showing as blank.

When I log in and open the course, the interaction slides will load normally for me.

It doesn’t happen for all interactions, just random ones.

We have advised our users who are having the issues to clear out their Google Chrome browser cache and also try on another computer to see if the slides will load.

Was there a setting that I missed when I published the courses?

Could this be specific to the device they are using to complete their training?


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Jane,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Looks like you have your courses hosted on an LMS if you require a login to access them. To help isolate the issue, try testing your course in a different environment such as SCORM Cloud to see if you will also experience the behavior there. 

Additionally, you can also: 

  • Test your courses on other browsers
  • Open your courses in Chrome's incognito mode
  • Make sure that you have all updates installed for Windows and Google Chrome

If the issue persists, would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a case with our support team so we can take a closer look at what's happening? 

Jane Kuo

Hi Joe,

I already had an account to access SCORM Cloud and there isn't a button there for me to click on to upload my zip file to test the course.

As I stated before, I have no problem with the interactions loading when I open it on my Chrome browser. I did just update the browser to the latest version.

I did read in an older post on a similar issue that the developer got her interactions to work by deactivating the Previous and Next buttons. I don't see how that would work because you create the new problem of not being able to proceed to the next slide in the course.

I did email support separately and Lianne is working with me.