Erratic final exam behavior

Aug 01, 2019

Has anyone else experienced strange behavior of the quiz questions in SL3? 

The quizzes work perfectly in each module. In the final exam, however, strange behavior occurs, as shown in the attached picture. The exam consists of a random set of question draws from those developed for each module. For some reason, hotspots, sequences, and matching questions fail.

Users are using supported OSes and browsers. I'd like to figure out if this is a SL3 problem, or an environmental problem (such as low bandwidth or bad streaming from our very old LMS). Users are frustrated. Can anyone help?


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Marie!

Sorry you're running into this, and I'm happy to help you get to the root. Can you help me with these key details?

  • What Storyline 3 update are you using? You can find this detail by clicking on the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • What browsers are the majority of your learners using?
  • If you're able to share the .story file with us for testing, that would be gold! You can send it privately to us by using this link. We'll test it in another LMS environment, and will delete it after troubleshooting.
Marie DesJardin

Thank you very much for getting back to me, Katie! 

I have the latest SL3 -- picture attached. 

We have thousands of users. Most use Chrome or IE. The few I have contacted directly have a current version. 

I would love for you to test the .story file! I'm in a finger-pointing situation here. We have a very old LMS system, but of course it can't be _their_ performance, it must be a problem in SL3. I have already told them the module passes the SCORM cloud test, but they are resisting. In case there is a problem in SL3, I would be very grateful to have you test it the exam. 

There are 2 final exams, and both show this problem. Would you be able to test both? The only difference between the final exam and the per-module test is that the exam uses a random draw from a question bank. This is true for both exams. Thank you!

Marie DesJardin

I appreciate it. I don't believe SL3 is the problem, but I'd like to have your team verify that before I escalate within my own management. 

May I upload the second course that also displays erratic behavior? It's huge, 125 MB, because of all the embedded labs. You can skip over these for testing purposes. Cheers!

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