Error in Exporting for Translation

Mar 08, 2016

Hi!  I am using Storyline 2 (with latest updates) to export a course for translation. I keep getting this error...please see attached screenshot. I tried exporting it as word doc with reference column. I also tried exporting just the word doc but got the same error. It did export the xml version correctly though, but we need the word doc version for the translators.  I am using windows 10 and word 2016. The course has 30 slides and only one embedded video(if that helps). I tried on another computer with Win 10 and word 2013, got the same error.  Can you please help me troubleshoot this? Thanks!

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Richa Saxena

Hi Christie, Thanks for your response. I tried all of the suggestions mentioned in this thread and also imported the course in a new file but it didn't work. However, I was finally able to export it correctly by closing ALL other applications not just MS Word. I am not sure what difference it made but it worked for me! :) 

Elizabeth Molony

I just ran into a similar issue getting that same error exporting my course. I'm running Windows 10 pro, Office 2016, and Storyline 2 with latest update. Error occurred with all files I tested. I tried a few things and the one that worked for me was running the Storyline.exe (not the shortcut, the executable) as an administrator (right-click Storyline.exe > Run as administrator).

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