Error in publishing a file in Scorm 1.2

Sep 05, 2019


For the first time, I face a problem with the publishing of one of my file in Scorm 1.2. I also cannot see the Preview and it is the only file that I have this problem : I tested with another one (from last week) which still work today to publish my work.

My Sl360 version is from the 08/20 and this is a preview of the report error window I receive during my publishing.

You will also have in this message a short version of my work which as the same problem as attachment.

Thank you for helping me in advance.



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Lauren Connelly


Thanks for sharing your file! I was able to test it and see why you're having issues publishing and previewing.

I found that if you hide Slide 1.4 and Slide 1.5 then the project previews and publishing perfectly.

I would make sure the elements on both of those slides are saved to your local drive. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

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