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I'm in the middle of a big project that I have been making for over a month now. I'm was attempting to rename one of layers to one of my slides and I accidentally named it the same as the a different one in the slide. It gave me a message saying "Unique Name Required. Slide Layer name must be unique." The issue is that whenever I click "OK" to try to reenter the new layer name, it doesn't give me anytime to correct the issue. The message just keeps popping up. I have done a lot of work today and I'm not sure if any of the updated work has saved so I would rather not have to end the application. It doesn't give me an option to save or anything and it is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated.



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Walt Hamilton

I second Cathal's point. SL's autorecovery function is pretty robust. Wait for 10 minutes (or the length you have set autorecovery to), then end SL with Task Manager. I usually restart the maching to clear memory, but when you restart SL, you should have most of yor work saved.

BTW, you can go to File-Options and change the interval of autosave.