Error Message for LMS output

We are testing two LMSs Docebo and Cogentys. I have a course that was created in Articulate that we have imported and then changed in Storyline. I now cannot get the file to import to Docebo. Also, when I test it in Scorm Cloud I get the attached error.

Docebo error message tells me the server is unavailable but that is not the case. I am working on this problem with them.

I have it working in Cogentys so I don't understand where the problem is with Docebo or Scorm Cloud.

I have no clue what the message in Scorm Cloud is and would appreciate any feedback on where to get help. I have changed my publish settings several times but to not affect on this error.


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Alberto Pastorelli

Jeffrey Riley said:

I just had a reply from SCORM Cloud that the message is harmless and that it sometimes happens from Storyline courses. That is the good news. I hope Docebo will be able to solve the problem on their end.

Hi Jeffrey, I'm using both presenter and storyline objects on several Docebo Open Source installations and never encountered this issue. If you are still working on any open source version of Docebo try posting also on the Docebo Open Source forum )the new community is very active and supportive), and maybe consider upgrading to Forma Lms,, the new platform based on the latest o.s. version of docebo.