Error Message When Previewing/Publishing a Course


I'm have been working on a project ever since yesterday and no issues until now whenever I try to preview (either only 1 slide or whole project) or publishing. I get the error message attached and really not sure what to do or what happened. I do have this project saved on my desktop and downloaded the new 360 update but no luck. I did add some triggers to my master slide for the project before this error but did delete it so  not sure if that's what caused it. Can someone take a look and maybe see what happened? If someone can get back to  me ASAP that would be great. Source file is also attached as well. Thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kevin!

Sorry for the trouble, and great call to also share your file with our Support team. I had a peek at your case where my teammate, Jose, found a corrupt object on a slide that caused Storyline to crash. Looks like removing it did the trick, phew! 

If we can be of any other help, please don't hesitate to reach out!