Error on Drag & Drop with AICC:TypeError: aryCorrectResponse[i].Source.Short is undefined AICCFunctions.js


I have made a drag and drop question with 12 dragable objects in 2 drop zones.

Evertything is fine in SCORM but if I choose AICC , an error appears in the javascript console on firefox  when clicking on validate:

TypeError: aryCorrectResponse[i].Source.Short is undefined AICCFunctions.js:710:4

If I have 10 dragable objects it is ok. Is it a bug or a known limitation?

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Leslie McKerchie

I apologize for the delay Ludovic.

I was seeing similar behavior (nothing) when clicking submit. I misunderstood your first response on that.

I was taking another look with a new example, and I'm not seeing the behavior.

We did have a layer issue related to HTML5 and Firefox that was corrected in an update yesterday, so we may be good to go :)

Check out the published content here.

Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Ludovic. 

Let's back-track. I realize I've been creating the test scenarios and never confirmed what version of Storyline you are using.

The update is for Storyline 360, if that's what you are using, and was released yesterday. If Storyline 3, it will be in the next update, but I do not have a date at this time.