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Sue Bennorth

I already checked the task manager and there is no second copy of Storyline open. I was not trying to copy the file to anything - the program froze while I was trying to record audio, so I closed it and tried to reopen it and got the error...I have restarted my computer twice now, both warm and cold boot, and am still getting the error...

Sue Grannis

Henry Meadows

Greetings everyone.  I just encountered this and thought I'd share another scenario.  Our company has "CrashPlan" running which does background back-ups to the cloud.  When I tried to rename the file, it showed that this file was currently being backed up to the cloud.  I had to force the back-up application to 'sleep' before I could open my file. 

I'm not sure if anyone else has a similar back-up application running, but you might check for that too.

Shay Riggs

Hi all,

I just had this problem too… I noticed that I had a very long project file name within folders which also had very long names. When I tried to rename it by adding a character I got the “filename too long” error, which gave me the heads-up.

I made the filename a bit shorter, and bingo!

Felipe Villegas

This is getting a bit annoying. I have to apply this workaround every single time I close the project and try to open it again. I realize the last response here is a year old, but this issue keeps popping up in newer threads.

Has this been identified as a bug? Is it being worked on?

Irene Lubbe

Hi, I also encountered this same Error-message. As this is my first project, it was a huge scare. The re-naming worked (thanks for the tip), but surely after more than 2 years of people struggling with this issue, should this not have been addressed (like in fixed)?

I followed your steps - installed the new version. Installed all the updates, but finally, I had to re-named it to enable me to work on it.