Error running SWF file from Android

Sep 13, 2012

I know that articulate/Storyline is not currently supporting Android OS functionality. 

However, the training team here at Lenovo uses the Articulate suite, and we are now working on developing a mobile learning strategy based around Storyline. 

We have had an app developed for our training to run on our Android based tablets. 

The content runs pretty well in web browsers on our Android devices but the developers of the app can not get any Storyline output (html5, html, swf) to load within the app and are getting the following error:

When we run the SWF file from android we get the following errors :

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.



(It seems as though the content from Articulate does not like to run within an App on Android.)
Any insight at all on how we might be able to resolve this issue would really help us be able to continue using Articulate as our main training development tool.
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Patrick Geiger

Hi Renee,

Thanks for the update! I did some additional investigation into this issue that you and/or your development team might find helpful in the future ...

Your currently not able to load the story.swf file into another swf files because the story.swf files utilizes stage event listeners. Unfortunately, since it is being loaded into another another swf (lets call it root.swf) it should wait until the story.swf already added to the stage before adding these listeners. Since it isn't yet, it causes it not to function at all. Theoretically, it seems as though it should be a relatively easy fix for next Storyline update. I hope it is high on their priority list!

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