Error viewing uploaded Storyline 360 Web output in Sharepoint 365.


I created a course with one video and couple of True/False questions in Storyline 360 and published to web output and uploaded all the files in Sharepoint365. But I am not able to view the course from Sharepoint link. 

While opening the html page dark grey patch is loading instead of storyline player. Can someone help me on this issue?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, santosh!

Although I don't have much experience with SharePoint, I'm happy to rule out any issues on Storyline's end that could be impacting the playback.

Next Steps

  • Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file with me through this secure link? That way, I can see how the course behaves in Tempshare, a tool we use to test published Storyline web output.

Note: Tempshare content is hidden from search engine indexing, so everything remains private while we test. 🔒