Error when playing video in Chrome

I'm getting an error when I try to play an mp4 in Storyline 360 (I'm on version 3.25.18088.0) in Chrome. The video will begin to play but will stop (at various points) and I'll receive this error: CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH. The video plays fine in IE and Edge. I've tried decreasing the size of the video, but that doesn't help. The video does play successfully in SCORM cloud in all browsers. Has anyone experienced this? 

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Matthew Oaldon

I've had the same issue. It seems to be centered around the mobile API  (app.min.js:3) and the handler not processing the script. It gets hung up at requestAnimationFrame like it's an issue with responsive design. We have tried all sorts of things to resolve the issue, but haven't had much success.

Alyssa Gomez

Sorry you're running into an error, Elizabeth! 

You mentioned the video plays normally in all browsers in SCORM Cloud, is that right? 

Does that mean that it doesn't play well in your learning management system (LMS) in Chrome? If so, it sounds like this could be related to a restriction in your LMS, and you LMS administrator should be able to help with that!