Videos using JS are only intermittently playing when in Chrome

We use JavaScript to link to our videos that are hosted on a video server (this allows us to pull data regarding video usage by our customers). This has mostly worked well, but in some courses, the videos only play intermittently when using a Chrome browser. They will show a white slide instead of showing the video player loading.

Typically if you navigate away from the slide and come back (several times), the video player will eventually load.  But this is obviously a bad experience for our customers. The strange thing is that it's not consistent which videos do this. When going back into the course, different videos will error out and some will then play without problem. It seems completely random.

We've looked at the Chrome console warning/error logs and can't seem to find the problem there.

We've tried rebuilding the Storyline files from scratch, which did seem to help in some cases. But others not. We have seemed to have exhausted all options, so I am reaching out here to see if anyone else has seen this behavior. The videos all play fine in Firefox and Edge.

Thank you!

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