Essay in survey seeing the answers


the essay and the other ones in the survey slides are very good, but I have one question: how to see the result of the user when my clients don't use Articulate Online? 

It is nice, but my customers want to see the results of the survey in their LMS or network or whatever the solution could be.

Thank you very much for your help ! 

Sebastien Greffet

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Sebastien Greffet

Hello Christine, 

I hope you're fine! 

So, for your first idea, I did it: I had a quiz and in this one an essay link to the same result slide. 

For the second part, I did exactly the same I saw, but I can see for the others questions if my user is wrong or not, but I can't see (or more precisely: read) what he wrote... 

I asked to my LMS support, and they sent me to my SCO support.... I feel myself like a dog trying to bite its own tail (I'm note sure this expression exist in english...) 

So, if you any idea: so thank you !