Essay interaction - Previous/Next buttons keep showing in player

Jun 20, 2014

Hi there,

I'm hoping the wise minds of the forum can help with an issue I'm having with the Previous and Next buttons continuing to show in the wrapper of the Review screen after I've turned them off in the properties of the both the essay and it's results slide.

Darned if I can figure out where the program hides the controls for the wrapper when you go to review what you've written in the essay interaction. I've enclosed screenshots to show what's going on.

Any help would be very appreciated!!!

SG1 shows the slide properties where Prev and Next are turned off for essay interaction

SG2 shows the same for the results slide

SG3 shows the journal slide ready for typing and no Prev/Next buttons down in the transparent wrapper

SG4 shows the result slide and and no Prev/Next buttons down in the transparent wrapper

SG5 shows what happens when you hit the Review Journal button - the built in Prev/Next buttons are there

(Hmmm, maybe I can only upload one shot at a time as only SG5 is showing below this message now)

Sure would like to turn those puppies off down there!


Tim Deegan

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tim,

This is actually something that's come up a few times recently and it's been verified as "by design" by our Quality Assurance team.

Here's more information:

Articulate Support - Prev and Next Buttons Show During Quiz Review

When learners review a quiz (or revisit question slides they've already submitted), they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course.

These navigation buttons are necessary for learners to review quiz slides.

If you'd like to have an option to disable the Prev and Next buttons during quiz review so you can use your own custom navigation buttons, please let us know. We value your feedback.

I know this isn't what you were hoping to hear, but I do hope that the information helps.

Please do share your feedback using the link above if you'd like to see this feature changed. I know I would personally love to see more control over the review layer and player features for the review portion of courses. 

Thank you!

tim deegan

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, you rock! I'm continually amazed at how good this forum is for answering questions, the best for any software company I've seen in my 25 years in the biz.

Yes, it isn't what I was hoping to hear, but at least now I know I wasn't missing something. I'll put in the feature request now.


Linda Herring

This also seems to happen with the Resource Tab. I have it set to only appear on one slide in the Conclusion; however, on quiz slides, when the learner revisits the slide, the Resource Tab displays. This occurs whether the slide and layer Reset are set for Automatically Decide or Reset to Saved State. Has any progress been made on this? Totally not what the client wants.

Linda Herring

Hello Ashley and thank you for replying.


I have attached a file that contains a few of the slides that illustrate the
issue. I've stripped out any of client's identifying information.


What I discovered is that if any slide in the file is set to display the
Resource Tab, any quiz slide on a Revisit that is not set to Initial State
will display not only the Prev/Next buttons (very illogical from a designer
point of view because I want to control that), but also the Resource Tab.
This occurs even though the base slide is set for Custom and the Resource
Tab is not selected. It's not just essay. I have text entry and hot spots


In many of my courses for this client, we only want the Resource Tab to
display at the Conclusion, which is where it is set to display in the
attached file.


I developed this in Storyline 1; however, I did a quick check in Storyline
2, and it behaves the same way.


While I'm asking, is there a central location that documents exactly how
each feature/function in Storyline (and your other products) is supposed to
function - all the logic? In the early days of software applications, we
wrote reference guides for this in addition to training tutorials.

For example, where is it documented that on quiz Revisits the Prev/Next
button and Resource tab will display if the slide is not set to initial
state? Maybe I missed it.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda,

Thanks for sharing your file here so that we could take a look. I see the same behavior you mentioned and am able to replicate it on a new Storyline file - so I'll be sharing this with our QA team for additional review in regards to the "Resource" tab reappearing. The next/previous buttons are reappearing by design as detailed here. 

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