Essay Questons causing lesson to not play again/review in LMS


Through research here, it seems that essay questions are problematic in some learning management systems.  Many responses/suggestions include using scorm 4v3 files rather than 1.2.  In my situation, I am using Storyline 3 and a scorm 4v3 file to the LMS, but when I want to REVISIT the lesson in the LMS after completion (when the lesson has an essay type question), the lesson will not play (only get the throbber).  When I remove the essay question, the lesson replays.   Suggestions?  I'd hate to have to remove all those types or convert all those types of questions in our already enormous lesson library. 

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Becky Nield


I do have the slides set to reset to initial state, but in Player options
"always resume" upon restart.

We don't need to track the results of these particular quizzes (we do have
exams that the score is tracked, but these are more for the learner to
review rather than pass/fail, so they have unlimited attempts. However, we
do need them to replay! I haven't yet tested anything in Scormcloud, I'm
only testing it on our LMS for now.