Eureka!!! Storyline to native mobile App and Facebook App

Dec 09, 2013

Hi all

The wonder of Articulate Storyline is simplicity. Myself being a teacher who knows no programming learnt storyline and successfully adopted it in my teaching. Being its learning cycle is simple, all of us look for what is next. 

I tried to build a mobile application only using Storyline and without using any other third party paid software. There were two reasons for this: one is students learn better when they have lessons in their smartphones. Second packaging as a html5 and opening is mobile browser is a tedious process for a novice student. 

So spent some sleepless nights and finally built a native mobile app. Now I have only Android app developed as I dont have developer licence for iPhone.

The following are the futures (+/-):

  +most of the storyline functions are working 

  +video, navigation, random quiz all behaviours are as expected

  +fill screen manages different mobile screen sizes successfully and adopts as expected. Including    

    orientation changes are handled well.

  -pan and zoom is difficult

  -drag n drop has some issue

  -the default aspect ratio of storysize leaves more empty space on the sides

  -the menu font size is so small as we have limitations in changing font size

Using the same approach I also built a Facebook App. This app is an embedded facebook application which allows users to learn lesson and take quiz. This works as expected. I am on the process of posting users score on the app page.

The Android App can be downloaded here.

The Facebook App page is here:

Feedback and further suggestions are welcome.

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Siva Kumar

Thanks. We shall do so. Honestly because  for educators like me Articulate Storyline is a really good inspiration. We start planning our teaching based on the tools in Articulate. But is sad it took long time for many of us to understand this. If someone do internet search for good elearning software, most of the time Captivate will come and also the comparisons will say Captivate will be better. 

But honestly after using both Articulate storyline is the best. It's simply superb! The forum and support we get is really amazing.

Thanks again for your appreciation.

Michael Hinze

Hi Siva, thanks a lot for sharing the links! I was able to install and run the Android app on my Galaxy SII. I had done something similar a while back and used PhoneGapBuild to turn a Storyline project into iOS and Android apps. See some info here:

I noticed a few things that I hope you don't take as criticism, but rather info to help you troubleshoot:

1. I don't know if the Android app is meant to be run on a tablet, but on a phone (like the one I used) the nav buttons and links are very small and barely 'touchable'. You might want to use custom nav buttons and make them at least 50x50px.

2. On the Facebook app, there were several screens where content was missing and the videos didn't work for me.

Siva Kumar

Thanks a lot Ashley for your appreciations

Dear Michael

The reason for posting here to welcome critisism and make myself  better thanks for your time in installing and testing my app. I am greatly indebted for your feedback. 

1. I agree with you. Now I am focussing on the button sizes. Will try to explore the button size and make it better.

2. Yes I too noticed the video did'nt play. I am trying to find the problem. Seems like the format of the video have some problem. Will try to troubleshoot and post here if I overcome the error.

3. Of late I learnt that html5 have some issue in handling drag n drop and matching type question. Even with the direct html5 output from storyline, this type of matching question is not working. There were some suggestions like order of objects (bring front and send back) bring some issues. As I couldnot modify this correctly, I changed this matching type into dropdown menu which works successfully.

I will report back if I succeed so that others will find useful.

Once again thanks for the feedback and criticism which are the essential for progress.



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