Even rounded corners

Aug 12, 2019


is there any way to manualy put rectangle corner radius?

I'm using bunch of those in diffrent sizes, but I want them to have even corner radius. Only way I can see it's to move this yellow square, but this is not precise.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julia,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that this is something you would like to see as well.

I see where you reached out here regarding rounded corners on a text entry field and Phil and Wendy were able to pop in and assist you.

This feature request mentioned above is specific to rounded rectangles and the ability for the corner radius to be consistently set.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful, but I do not have a timeline to provide.

Megan Blackmore

Also waiting for this feature option! I'm surprised this was asked for a few years ago and still isn't an option... Very difficult to make them consistent with the tiny yellow slider and just guessing how close to the same each shape is. Considering how precise so much else in the program is, it baffles me this isn't an option yet. 

Joseph Ferraro

+1, hoping we get specific UI to enter corner radius specifications soon™.  This functionality is standard in many design applications and being exact instead of constantly needing to "eyeball it" would be really helpful. While it's clear this isn't (and hasn't been for the better part of a decade) a developer priority, my team would really appreciate this feature being implemented. We adhere to our branding guidelines and direction and this would help us be more intentional with our design elements in courses.

Peter Moore

This has been requested for years.  I've linked one old thread - there are others. I'd say the Articulate Devs have long ago binned all requests for specifying an accurate corner radius numerically and have no intention of ever implementing this (would love to be proved wrong)


As a long-time Storyline user, I've waited; mostly, but not always, patiently, for sensible, productive features like this to be implemented.

As I wait, I'm aware I no longer look anything like my user profile photo.  My hair has thinned and turned grey, the once bright smile has flattened, skin tones have sallowed. Still I wait...