Everything is jumbled on published work

I'm doing pilot testing for this module and one of the users is seeing some of the text but it's missing graphics, the next button, and not placing the text properly. I know when I have re-uploaded the course files and go through the module again I get similar errors (thinking it has something to do with cache). But she said this was her first time going through it. I'm attaching the picture of what she sees and what it's supposed to look like. I'm using Storyline 2.


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Ali Goulet

Hey Shane-- Sorry that's happening! 

I'm happy to help here, and I have a few questions to start out with:

  1. Where are you uploading the published output to when testing?
  2. Are you running the latest update for Storyline 2- update 12? If not, you can download the latest version right over here.
  3. Can you share your unpublished .story project file here so I can do some testing? You can add it right to a comment in this thread as an attachment.

Keep me posted! 😊

Ali Goulet

Hey Shane!

Thanks for sharing your file with me. I published and uploaded the entire published output to Tempshare to test it on the web. When you have a moment, can you take a look at it here and let me know if you see the same issues?

I glanced through it in Chrome v. 60.0.3112.90 and everything looked as designed. Here's an example of what I saw:

I also have a few more questions to help nail down the issue here:

  1. Are you uploading the entire published output to the servers you're using?
  2. What browser are you seeing those issues in? Is it happening in multiple browsers, or one in particular?
  3. When that happens, are you viewing the Flash version or the HTML5 version? An easy way to tell is if you're viewing the HTML5, the link will end in story_html5.html .

Let me know! 

Shane K

Thanks for checking on that for me. When I publish the file I do upload all content to the server. I'm not sure what browser the user is using, I'm assuming it's Chrome since that's standard here at work, and they are pretty good at keeping the browser up-to-date. I am using the same version of Chrome as you and I get the error when I publish a new version and upload it then refresh the page.

This particular user was visiting it for the first time. All other users are seeing what they are supposed to see. The link I give them is the html5 version. But like I said, it's not a constant error, it just happened for that one user and for me when I upload a new version.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shane!

Thank you for the additional information. 

Did you experience an issue with the link that Ali shared above?

We do recommend that after uploading your published content to a web server, give learners the URL for the story.html file. Here's how Storyline determines which version of your content to display.