examples using built-in states

I've been looking and haven't found a video / tutorial / documentation explaining how each of the built-in states works and how they impact each other.  I know you can build out triggers to do all the same things, but the built-in states are automatically supposed to do some things to save time.

I'd like to see a menu slide that has a few images w/ multiple states that use the built-in states together...

Normal, Hover, Selected, Visited, Disabled

Can anyone point me to an example .story file that uses these together on a slide?  I want to see how they are used together in conjunction with triggers.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

You can see the description of what all the built in states offer here.  As you'll see described, Storyline offers built-in states for objects (such as images, shapes, and buttons), for drag and drop interactions, and for illustrated character expressions.

There are so many great examples in our Showcase, but they don't focus exclusively on states. I hope the community will share their favorite with you here!