Exception During Import Powerpoint

Jul 01, 2014

Running Storyline Update 5...

I have created MANY Storyline Modules but today I attempted to import a 2.74 MB PowerPoint file.  This is smaller than my typical file than I have imported previously.

When I attempted to import this file today - I received this error.  Has anyone seen this before?  I didn't find anything when I searched for the error.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynn,

I generally see users with the "exception" error when they're not working with local project files as described here - or files that the name includes special characters, accents, symbols. You may want to begin by importing the .story file into a new Storyline project and then try conducting the import again. 

It's also worth reviewing another article with common errorrs associated with importing Powerpoint. 

Lynn Guida

This is a brand new story - I do all of my development in PPT because we teach Instructor-Led (live) and via CBT.  I imported the PPT file (which is stored locally) into a new Story.  This happens when I try to import just one slide, a few slides or the entire slide deck.

Other PPT Files work fine - I've tried inserting the slides into a new PPT file and into one that I know works and then import into Storyline from there.  This is not working.

I also sent the PPT file to another user in my company to import, they got the same error. 

The article provides assistance for when I can't import into storyline at all from powerpoint.  I did repair powerpoint (to see if this will solve this problem).  It did not help.

I'm hoping someone else has run into this issue before and can identify what it is in this PowerPoint file that Storyline does not like.

I have attached the PPT.

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