Excluding second tries from results count for question banks

Feb 22, 2014


I use one question bank of multiple choice questions, in a certification preparation course, to allow the learner to have second or third tries.  I feel this assists learning, but when they get to the results page, they've apparently got every question correct.

Is there a way to have only their first answer to each question counted towards their overall result?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geoff, 

If you allow users to have multiple attempts at a question until they get it correct, Storyline will only use the final answer to report to the results slide. You may want to look at limiting the attempts, but then providing either customized feedback on the correct/incorrect layers or allowing the user to retry the quiz from the Results slide. You could also include customized feedback during a quiz review so that they could see what they answered in additional to a further explanation of why it was correct/incorrect. 

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