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Jesse Cabaniss

I don't know if you can trigger animations, and if someone is able to explain it I would be ever so grateful as well. What I can think of, though, is to use an identical slide that is only a second long that has exit animations on it. The user will never know that they are on a different slide. An example is attached.

Josh Uhlig

Another option is following:

  1. Add the exit animations to the objects on the base layer
  2. Add a blank new layer (call it "Pause") and check the option "Pause timeline of base layer" in layer properties
  3. Add an off screen object that triggers 'show Pause layer' at when timeline of the object starts.
  4. Adjust the timeline of the off screen object to some point prior to the ending animations on the base layer.
  5. Add a trigger to the Button the users click that hides the Pause layer.
  6. Trigger the slide advance when the base timeline ends.

This should cause the Pause layer to trigger and pause the base timeline.  Then when the user clicks the button, it 'hides' the layer and resumes the base timeline which finishes with the exit animation and moves to the next slide.

Steve Flowers

You can trigger a show and hide animation repeatedly if an object is hidden by default and spans the entire timeline. Try this:

1) Create an object with entry and exit animations on your stage, make sure the object covers the entire timeline. The timeline should be relatively short to prevent reaching the end of the timeline while the object is shown or it will immediately exit.

2) Set the object to hidden.

3) Create a button with a trigger to show your object on click.

4) Create another button with a trigger to hide your object on click.

5) Click each button - watch your object enter the stage and exit the stage as many times as you like.