Exit button on Storyline Player not working

Apr 23, 2020

I updated my 360 suite the other day and now I'm finding that the Exit button in the video player does not work. I verified that the trigger is set to "Exit Course"; however; when clicked I keep getting a 404 error and this is with Chrome, FF, and IE. Has anyone else experienced this? I am testing in the SumTotal LMS.

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Caryn Carman

I also have this issue! I updated my Articulate & SL 360 this week and now my "exit course" trigger is not working properly either. I don't get a 404, but I get an empty window with a "content not found" message rather than the previous msg which was "Your content has finished. You may close the window" or something very similar to that. I'm launching two courses this week so def of concern. 


Bill McKee

I had this issue as well, read the "bug workaround" that Jacqueline linked to, change my player to "Launch player in new window...", republished and that seemed to work. Thank you very much.

My next question would be, does editing the "scormdriver.js or Configuration.js file mentioned at the end of the post solve the 404 error as well or just the ability to Exit the course? Thx.

Bill McKee

Scott - we have Cornerstone On Demand for our LMS so it might work differently. Selecting "Launch player in new window (creates launch page)" under Player > Other did solve my 404 issue. But like you even when I did have the 404 error the course also was marked complete.

What I observed is that even when "Launch player in new window (creates launch page)" is not selected as an option, when I launch a course it opens a new tab (IE) or window (Chrome) - just not a separate launch page - and when the course is finished it is that tab/window that gets the 404 error not the LMS transcript page, thus the course is still recognized as complete? It doesn't answer your question but my observation on our system.

Bethany Daniels

We are having the same issues. We tried setting the course to launch in a new window and still get an error that the SCORM tracking has been lost- we use Oracle Learn LMS.

We found that reverting back to the previous Storyline release and re-publishing was our best option for now, as we aren't getting any of those errors.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Bill,

We haven't, but there is certainly is enough chatter here to indicate that we need to dig in.

With your permission, I'd like you (and any others willing) to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Will Findlay

To me it just looks like Storyline is trying to find the goodbye.html file in the wrong directory. The file is located in the /lms folder of the published output, but it is trying to go to the parent folder of /lms (the root folder) to find the goodbye.html file. My workaround is just to add a copy of goodbye.html to the main folder of the published output. 

Bill McKee

Will - I could not tell whether you are thinking that this is a Storyline issue or not. Please confirm.

I will tell you that I did receive a prompt response from Articulate Support (kudos). They use SCORM Cloud to test such issues and they had no issue. I, in turn, did the same and in SCORM Cloud I had no issue either. Does this mean that Cornerstone and other LMS vendors produce the same behavior but others don't, suggesting that it is indeed an inherent LMS issue and not Storyline? I will follow up with our LMS admin but not sure she'll know what Cornerstone is doing that SCORM Cloud is not.

Caryn Carman

I can't speak for others, but I can confirm that this trigger worked fine in a SL file published to SCORM 2004 from SL360 prior to the most recent update. Since the update (and a new publish) the same trigger throws the error. The only change in my case was the SL360 update. 

I've since removed the trigger from the new courses I needed to launch since I was only using to close the window and not capture completions.

Aaron Pross

There has been a storyline update:

Before the update:
Looking at the  Configuration.js - the path is below.
var EXIT_TARGET = "lms/goodbye.html";

In the updated version:
var EXIT_TARGET = "goodbye.html";

The goodby.html file still lives in the "lms" folder.   The path to the goodbye file is wrong.


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