Exit Course Button freezes course in Firefox

Sep 26, 2018

Hi all!

We have a location that uses Firefox (only), and they're having the following issue when playing some of the courses on our (SuccessFactors) LMS:

Go all the way through the course, click "Exit Course" on the Results slide, and it freezes - and the LMS does not reflect a completion status for the learner who just finished the course.

Course Info:

Course #1:  Started building with SL360 (trial version), then worked on it in SL3 (Ver 4.0), then an update was pushed out for SL3 (Ver 4.1) before I got it published. 

Published in SL3 (Ver 4.1), as "HTML5 with Flash Fallback" (HTML5/Flash).

Course #2: Started and finished in SL3 (Ver 4.1), published as HTML5/Flash.

Location IT guy states FF is up to date as well as Flash.

Is this issue ringing any bells with any of you?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you're experiencing. 

It's not ringing any bells for me.

Are you able to replicate this behavior when the course is uploaded to SCORM Cloud or is this only happening on your LMS?

I know you mentioned the users using Firefox, but is it working in other browsers or are you able to replicate?

If you'd like us to take a look, you can share the .story file.

Cheryl Hoffman

We are unable to replicate the behavior, except 'occasionally' at that one location. It is not consistent. We're leaning toward it being a Firefox (on thin clients) issue, since I dug around on the Heroes threads and found that Firefox is probably the worst browser to use with StoryLine. 

The courses play and record perfectly for users that use Chrome. Just the ammo we needed to get our locations standardized!

Cheryl Hoffman

So, I tested a theory this morning:


Published a new course as HTML5 (only).

Launched it with Firefox. (not in the LMS)

Everything was perfect - until the Results slide, when I clicked "Exit Course". Nothing happened. No freeze, no error, the slide just kept on playing (the button did change states as it was designed, but didn't actually EXIT).

Cheryl Hoffman


Published the same course again, this time as:  "Flash with HTML5 fallback".

Tried it again in Firefox - still won't exit.

Immediately tried it in Chrome - works like a charm (exits as expected).

Earlier courses published as "HTML5 with Flash fallback" do not exhibit this behavior.

It seems something may have happened between SL3 - Ver 3 and SL3 - Ver 4. All the courses published in earlier versions of SL3 run fine at that location in Firefox.

Cheryl Hoffman

The LMS is recording their score, but not marking the course as complete (in this case, "Finished").

Choosing SCORM 1.2.

Forever ago, I changed the configuration.js file to "AWAYS_CLOSE_TOP" - but it's gone back to "SCORM_RECOMMENDED". I wonder if that was with one of the upgrades this year. I guess I should keep an eye on it. I just changed it again, will update here if that was the issue.

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