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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Ryan,

where is the exit button?

If it is part of the player, you can not turn it off. But there is another way....


Anyway: ;-)

Setup a lightbox slide. Put a question on it: "Do you really want to quit?" (Y/N)

I think a question is much nicer for your learner than just to close down the course.

If your learner did not pass all quizzes you can bring up a layer on this slide each time the learner tries to exit. On this layer you will write: "Please pass all the quizzes before leaving.". Set your slide-revisiting to "set to Initial state" and insert a trigger on "time line starts" which shows the layer.". Voila, you are done!

+++ BUT +++

You can not change the fact that the learner just closes the course window by a closing button outside your course, e.g. the red/white cross on the upper right corner of each window in Windows. Alt+F4 will close down a window as well.