Exit full screen functionality not working as intended in iPad's.

Sep 04, 2023

We've created a few storyline modules which contains videos in each course. When we click on the full screen button it enters the full screen mode as expected and when we click the button again it exits the full screen mode. This works fine with all browsers (Windows-PC/Mac/Android devices). But when we play the same courses on iPad devices, after clicking on the exit full screen button, it takes the user to top of the page and not to the exact location of the video.

Screencast link: https://app.screencast.com/owAYrhuNeHhIP?conversation=scPjCJW7x1tw3qiKbAYdxq

In the above link it works fine, after exiting the full screen mode, it loads the HTML page from the top and scrolls down to the location of the video automatically. But the same doesn't work on iPad devices.

Any workarounds for this?

Thank you!!

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Sandeep Gadam

Hi Jürgen Schoenemeyer, I'm using the default SL player full screen button. FYI, these are not the videos and I apologize for not being more specific earlier. These are just a simple slideshows with different animations in each slide. It works fine when we preview each the course in Review 360, Windows PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices, But the same course doesn't work as intended while previewing the course in iPad's.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!