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  1. Click Player in the Toolbar Ribbon
  2. Under the Player Tabs area, click the Add Button
  3. Type Exit in the name field
  4. Choose where you want it in the Align drop down menu
  5. Select Exit Course in the Action drop down menu
  6. Select User Clicks in the When drop down menu
  7. Click the OK Button

You have now modified your player to include the button.

Anne Wierum


Whether I add an Exit button through the Player (in which case it appears on every slide in the course), or I create and customize an Exit button just for the very last slide, the button does not work for me in either Chrome or Firefox, only Internet Explorer. Any suggestions for getting around that? (Right now I have it both as a Player feature on every slide and as a customized button on just the last slide; I will remove one or the other once I can get it working in all browsers). Thank you!